Blogmas day 18

hey guy, only a week to go so only 6 more blogmas posts after this one.

Tonight I was catching up with Kirsty’s homemade Christmas and it left me feeling inspired both craft wise and Christmas wise. there are so many small crafts you can do either by yourself, with friends and family or small children. so here’s some that hopefully inspire you.  I will post links to pages where you can find instructions

  • a simple one, folding a piece of paper over several times and cut pieces out and then opening it up leaving a pretty snowflake behind. You can always add glitter for a bit of sparkle and they look great hung up in a window with invisible thread.


snow flake

  •  a ribbon Christmas tree


ribbon tree

  • personalised coffee mug. basically using a basic white mug and sharpies you customise it to your liking then put in the oven at around 180 degrees c for about half an hour. I’ve used this idea before as Christmas gifts with sweets inside.



  • salt dough decorations


salt dough

  • home made snow globe , using and old jar, superglue a figurine or what ever you would like to the inside of the lid. fill the jar with water, glitter and glycerine  ( can be found in the baking aisle) don’t fill it too much as the figurine still has to go inside, screw the lid on and ta da done, now you can paint and decorate the lid and make it fancy if you wish.



Then there’s always baking weather it be a gingerbread house, a Christmas tree made of sugar cookie stars or anything else your imagination can come up with.






















Blogmas day 5

Hi guys

Today I’ve spent the day watching Christmas films and ordering some more some presents and baking ingredient’s online. I plan to start my Christmas baking in the next few days so expect posts on the results.

I’ve painted my nails all festive, not the usual red and green although that might happen at a later date.

I’ve gone for grey gel looking finish with a glitter topcoat. I’ve used the gelly polish from Barry m in chai as I used one of these polishes on my toes for my holiday and loved it, it applies beautifully and gives a glossy finish that is hard to chip, which is good for me as nail polish chips so easily for me. anyway as for the glitter coat that’s NYC in lights camera glitter.




gelly superdrug currently you get a free gift when you spend £6 on Barry m

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