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Hi guys, is anyone else glad its finally spring, the flowers have just started to spring, the birds are out and I don’t have to be bundled up in layers any longer as the weather has improved, not greatly but … Continue reading

Blogmas day 5

Hi guys

Today I’ve spent the day watching Christmas films and ordering some more some presents and baking ingredient’s online. I plan to start my Christmas baking in the next few days so expect posts on the results.

I’ve painted my nails all festive, not the usual red and green although that might happen at a later date.

I’ve gone for grey gel looking finish with a glitter topcoat. I’ve used the gelly polish from Barry m in chai as I used one of these polishes on my toes for my holiday and loved it, it applies beautifully and gives a glossy finish that is hard to chip, which is good for me as nail polish chips so easily for me. anyway as for the glitter coat that’s NYC in lights camera glitter.




gelly superdrug currently you get a free gift when you spend £6 on Barry m

gelly boots currently you get a free gift when you spend £9 on Barry m






Fresh Face

Hi guys, I would love to have been sitting at my new desk/vanity set up surrounded by makeup but alas that is not the case. I’m writing this in bed on my laptop feeling like ick.

This time of year I love the leaves falling, wearing boots and snuggly jumpers, not to mention the Smokey eye looks and berry lips but the one downside comes in the form of a cold, something I had been trying my best to avoid but unfortunately it got me so cue the cough, fever, bunged up nose and all the loveliness that’s comes with it.

So as I’m all wrapped up and drinking my tea I thought what better time then to write about something I had been meaning to write about for a while makeup removal.

Now I know I did do a post about some skin care previously  this is more about removing makeup, and the products I’m going to talk about you might have seen other beauty bloggers write about but this is just my opinion on them.

First up is micellar water, this stuff has been raved about so much its not even funny, as it was a hyped product I was a little sceptical about it but I gave it a try and fell in love. essentially its a cleansing water, so all you need is a cotton pad and your good to go. it removes my makeup so well even red lips and stubborn eyeliner which other makeup removers have struggled with, without tugging on the skin or leaving my skin feeling dry afterwards.


It has become my go to product and the second product is micellar wipes. they were my godsend while I was on holiday, all the benefits of the water in a convenient wipe. Handy for taking on holiday or overnight stay, or for those times when we are feeling a little lazy when it comes to taking our makeup off. unlike other makeup wipes these leave my skin feeling hydrated, others I have used in the past claim to be alcohol free but still left my skin feeling like it was in desperate need of a drink.


I will admit both of these products are not cheap but are by no means expensive. you definitely get what you pay for with them. they are available at most places where you can buy cleansers and face wipes and are currently on offer at superdrug.


micellar water







Let me know if there a product you would like me to review, or think I should try or even a makeup look. I’m thinking of setting my self the goal of blogmas, blogging everyday from December 1st up until Christmas what do you guys think?




Pop of Colour

Sometimes you just want something different from the usual nude lip, clear lip or pale lip, especially if you’re wearing a natural eye look, or maybe you just want to shake things up a little and have a little fun. But be warned a bold lip isn’t for everyone, it can cause people to stare ( although I say admire 😉  ) and if you’re not comfortable with that it can be scary, but if you are brave enough, I have three recommendations the first is by the brand MUA in the colour tulip



It’s the lightest of the three and the cheapest at £1. Its creamy and glides on and doesn’t feel drying on the lips and has a vanilla smell to it. its bold version of a light pink and can be purchased from Superdrug, link below. This is great one as introduction in to bold lips.


The next is from the brand NYC in the colour air kiss

NYC’s spokeswomen and model is the lovely demi Lovato. I love this brand and so far have only not liked one product.

Anyways back the lipstick before I get side-tracked, is £1.99 from Superdrug. it glides on like a dream and has cherry smell that reminds me of a cherry lip balm I had as a kid. its definitely a bold pink and I did get quite a few people noticing when I wore it and is now a staple in my makeup bag. the link to purchase it is below


IMG_2033 IMG_2034 IMG_2032 IMG_2031  IMG_2030

And lastly is from rimmel London and the Kate moss collection in the shade 107 wine


It’s currently £5.49 and can be purchased from Superdrug, boots basically anywhere that sells rimmel makeup.

This is my go to red lipstick, its bold, has a pinkie tone to it that works for me, again like the others is creamy and glides on, I had heard so much about the Kate range but wasn’t too sure which red to go for as in my mind I had this picture of what I thought the perfect red was and after covering my hand in several red swatches, I chose this one and ill admit this wasn’t quite what I had in my mind but I thought I would try it and boy am I glad I did, once I had applied it on my lips I fell in love. I think there is something in that range for every person it’s just a matter of finding the right one. links bellow on where to purchase



And there you have it three bold lips, from three different brands. If there is a bold lip colour you love or would like me to try please comment and let me know and I’ll give them a try. Please bare with me when it comes to swatches as I am new at this.

And finally I’ve come up with a blogging schedule so I will be hopefully posting every Friday.