False talons 

Hey guys just another quick post for you. 

As I normally have reasonably long nails, even with them breaking, I have never seen the real need for false nails for me but as I had a job interview recently I wanted my nails to look a bit more uniform and professional, cue the false nails. As I wasn’t sure how long they would last or how long I wished to keep them on I didn’t want to spend a fortune. I had heard about other beauty bloggers rave about primarks ones so I thought I would give them a try and for a pound I had nothing to lose. 

I went for the classic French tips, pretty quick and easy to stick on, we’re not a totally bad fit for my nails which was great, the length didn’t get in my way and stop me from day to day life, which is always a bonus and lasted until I decided to pull them off a few days later ( they don’t advice this, they say to use acetone to remove them ). 

My over all conclusion is not bad for a pound and will defiantly be purchasing more in the future. 


Hi guys, how is everyone’s summer going? I love summer not just for the little sunshine we get here in the uk which allows me to wear shorts, floaty tops and pretty sandals. The days feel longer but in a good way,people’s moods are generally more positive and are happier even those with children to entertain for 6 weeks. I also love the flowers coming into bloom,creating bursts of colour that never fail to make me smile. The food is lighter and of course there is bbq’d food which brings its own flavour. 

What are your favourite things about summer?